Best Local Street Foods In Dubai.!!

The Best Street Food You Need to Try in Dubai.

Although Dubai may be known for being a futuristic city teeming with malls, shopping, and fancy restaurants, many people don’t realize that the street food in Dubai is also a traveler’s dream. Here’s the secret to what the locals in Dubai actually eat!


Made with either thinly sliced chicken, lamb, or beef, this is probably the most common and filling street food in Dubai. Rolled into a soft flatbread and filled with fresh vegetables, onions, and a delicious spicy or creamy sauce, this is one of the best street foods worth traveling to Dubai for.

Shish Tawouk Sandwich 

This is another roll or sandwich that is extremely popular in Dubai, and yet stays relatively unknown by tourists. Filled with garlic and spices, the thinly cut chicken is pressed flat against the flatbread and then rolled with other vegetables or pickles. The taste of this is truly out of this world!

Chips Oman Roll

One of Dubai’s most favorite childhood snacks, this roll is sold in every cafeteria or road side tea ship. A simple roll made with spreadable cheese and smashed spicy potato chips, for reasons unknown this remains Dubai’s absolute favorite with children and anyone who wants a quick snack down memory lane.


Originally brought over from India and based on the Indian samosa, these are triangle shaped stuffed pastries. Filled with succulent meats, vegetables, and spices, these are a popular snack for a long car ride. Be careful though, they can get addictiveand you’ll start to lose count of how many you’ve eaten!


Another delicious road side food is manakkish – basically a large flatbread cooked in an oven with different assortments on top, almost like a pizza. You can choose from meat toppings to vegetable toppings to thyme and olive oil, and will never regret ordering one!


This is a dessert street food that is purely Emirati, and a huge hit with tourists! Lugaimat are fried balls of dough, made perfectly so the outside is crispy while the inside is still fluffy and piping hot. To finish it off locals will lightly sprinkle date syrup or rose flavored honey over the top of these bite-sized donuts. You won’t be able to just have one, and people will usually order an entire bowl just for themselves!

Freshly Squeezed Juices

Even though Dubai is in the middle of the desert, the fresh fruit juice sold alongside almost every single street in the city is truly worth trying! With a huge range of flavors and mixes, choosing which fresh juice you want to try will leave you wanting to just drink everything! These juices are the perfect finish to a long day in the sun.

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